What Being More Creative Really Means

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When you talk about wanting to “be more creative”, what is it that you actually mean?

When we want to move towards having or being more of something, it helps to clarify just what it is we want.

If you just sit bemoaning how you’d love to be more creative but just can’t, without knowing what “more creative” means to you, then how would you even know if you did become it? You’d probably still just be sitting complaining about how you’ll never be more creative.

There are two main ways then we can become more creative.

Let’s take a look at them both in a little more detail.

1. Greater Frequency.

Maybe your idea of being more creative means showing up more often, and spending more time on your work and its supporting activies.

This can be showing up with greater frequency – every day instead of once a fortnight for example – or staying longer when you do show up (30 or 60 minute sessions rather than 10 or 15). Or of course both.

We could also call this increasing the quantity of your creativity.

You want to create more often, to increase the proportion of your days, weeks, and of course your life, that you spend creating.

2. Greater Depth.

Alternatively, when you talk about being more creative, maybe you mean having better ideas, creating better work and revealing more of your creative potential.

This is less straightforward to measure than the frequency and time we spend creating.

But any of us know when we create whether we’re progressing, or whether we’re resembling more accurately a factory production line, churning out the same predictable work time and time again.

We could talk about this also as the quality of your creative time, and your creative work.

So, when you talk about “being more creative” yourself, which of the two above would you like to increase?

It’s likely that one is more promiment than the other, or comes to mind more imediately. But, it’s also likely that you’d love to increase both.

By becoming clear first, and breaking this definition of “more creative” down, it makes it far easier to know what you’re striving for, and to start to put in place the actions that will bring that more creative you to life.

For example, if you currently create for about half an hour once a week, and being more creative to you means having that 30 minute session every day, you know what to do, how to start.

If you know you want to create work that’s more personal, more intense, more challenging, again you know how to start because you have that new clarity, which gives you a more focused intention.

An important note is that these two we’ve discussed, though distinct, are actually inseparably intertwined.

Usually, the way to being more creative in terms of the depth and quality of your work, comes from first increasing the frequency and quantity of creativity.

You can’t greater better work, if you’re not creating any work.

Creating every day means you’re going to get better sooner than if you only create once a fortnight.

You can’t master your art over a few wet weekends a year. It needs more.

It deserves more.

Stay clear on your aims.

If you wish to increase the quality and depth of your work, it doesn’t matter if you do create for 12 hours a day, if you’re creating on auto pilot in exactly the same way, without ever challenging yourself, without exploring new ideas, new avenues and striving to improve.

Decide first what being more creative means to you.

Write it down.

Then we can begin bringing it into your life.


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