How To Ask The Right Questions To Be More Creative Than You’ve Ever Known

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Questions can be incredibly powerful in unlocking new shifts in perception, new approaches and new revelations about your creativity.

Asking the right ones, at the right times, can lead to giant leaps in your evolution as an artist, and see you creating happily and freely like never before.

So how do you know which are the best questions to ask?

Let’s look at some of the possible contenders.

– How often should you create?

– How long should you create for in each session?

– Should you focus on one idea at a time, or always have two or three creative projects on the go?

– Where should you create?

– Is it better to create alone in isolation, or in a more public place?

– Why do you keep making mistakes, and how much does it matter?

– When you feel resistance, is it a sign to stop and focus on something, else, or a sign that you’re on to something special, to keep going and overcome the resistance?

– How many materials and supplies do you need before you start?

– Should you still create even if you’re afraid you might be disappointed with the outcome?

– Whose advice should you seek to make sure you’re doing it right?

– How often should you compare your new work alongside the work of your greatest artistic heroes?

– How much should you listen to the people around you that don’t have a clue about what it means to be an artist but want to offer you their completely unqualified advice anyway?

These, and many others, might all be valid questions at different times. Or they might not.


What if there was just one question you needed to ask?

What if we could simplify this whole endless questioning progress in a way that would mean you had as much time as possible to focus on just creating?

Here’s the plan I propose –

1. Create every day. Pick the thing you’re most excited about, the project that’s most important to you right now, and spend a set amount of time on it. At least 15 minutes. Every day.

2. At the end of each day, ask – What did I learn today? Then take that learning into tomorrow’s session of creativity.

Stop all other questioning, and try this approach for a month.

I predict it can simplify, focus, and transform your creative life.


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