Energy Is Everything Is Energy

image: dan james
image: dan james

What does energy mean to you?

Do you think of the amount of motivation and “get up and go” you have? How electricity is generated? Those little cereal bars that athletes are often munching?

Or something else?

Perhaps a more important question is – Do you feel you have enough energy in your life to be thriving and at your most creative?

In the first couple of months of this year, I’ve come to see energy, amongst other things, in a new light.

In fact, I’m starting see energy and those other things as one and the same entity.

Added to this, I’m realising that energy the single most vital source we need to harness to live creative and flourishing lives.

Energy is everything. Everything is energy.

If I could explain a little more…

My changes began by feeling I wanted to be more conscious about the money I had, and how I used it. To spend less, and to spend it better.

This then led to me thinking more closely about how I was using my time too. I wanted less frittering, more focus.

In both instances – with money and time – too much was slipping by without me realising it, or making good use of it.

Good use of money does not mean putting every pound I earn into savings, just as good use of time doesn’t mean spending every last hour of the day creating new art.

It’s more about giving every pound, and every hour, a useful purpose, that, combined over days and weeks and months, add up to a far more creative, mindful and flourishing life.

So that’s money, and time.

How does energy fit in to the equation?

Well, money is energy. Time is energy too.

A simple example – Say you spend £10 going to an art gallery. The best work inspires you hugely, and over the following weeks your own artwork takes a new direction, with a new burst of, yep, energy.

That £10 investment becomes priceless in the extra energy it gives your creativity. The money has been turned into energy.

Taking this further, because you’re involved in a couple of online art communities, you share your experiences and your new found focus and drive.

Others are so inspired that they take up their tools of creation with fresh vigour too.

Again, that original £10 has been turned into even greater energy, this time not just in you, but in those around you too.

They in turn inspire the creative ecosystems they’re a part of, and the energy ripples out ever further. All which can in some way be traced back to you investing that mere £10 in an art gallery visit.

The lesson is, by using money consciously and wisely, we can use it to generate great energy.

Time is very similar.

If you say you never feel like creating because you’re too tired and don’t have the energy, then that pattern is likely to continue indefinitely.

You need some kind of injection of new energy to change the dynamic.

So if you set aside say a couple of hours this weekend to get focused with creating what you feel is most important and exciting, you’ll give yourself that burst of energy needed to shift into a different kind of orbit.

Which will most likely lead to further sessions of creating (with the new found energy), and a greatly increased likelihood that you won’t always feel too tired to bother.

Making that conscious choice and commitment of time, becomes the catalyst needed for the energy to grow and grow.

So, like the simple £10 spent at the entrance of the art gallery, this initially small investment of time can lead to much greater and more wide reaching generation of energy, both in your life, and in the lives of those around you.

Ten pounds, and two hours, are tiny proportions of the money and time we have in a month, and virtually imperceptible amounts over a period of a year or more.

Yet they both can make such a difference.

When such little investments of money and time (ie energy – is this point coming across yet?!) can be so powerful, it follows that it makes a great deal of sense for us to use both of them wisely and mindfully.

Without wanting to get too Financial Advisor-y or Time Management-esque with you, I invite you to take a look at your bank statements over the last month or two with a new perspective, and ask – am I using this energy wisely?

And have a think back to how you’ve organised and spent your time in recent months too. How have you used that energy? Have you made mindful choices and investments, ones that have been catalysts for greater energy?

The science is simple –

Money = Time = Energy.

Greater Energy = Greater Creativity.

Everything is energy. Energy is everything.

Join the conversation and let us know some of the ways you’ve been using your energy lately…


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