How To Become An Enablist – A New Ethos For Creative Collective Change

image: dan james
image: dan james

You and I have as much creative potential within us as anyone.

Whether, and how, we use it, is up to us.

When we do choose to use it, we can achieve incredible things.

Collectively, we can change the world for the better. And there’s never been a greater need.

An excellent way to begin is to become an Enablist (pronounced en-ABE-list).

Enablist is the warm fusion between enable and artist.

You may well already be an Enablist, you just don’t know.

An Enablist’s role is simple, and threefold –

1. Create.

2. Share.

3. Encourage.

Let’s define these a little further –

1. Create.

Enablists enable artists. The first, most important artist you need to enable, is you.

This means regularly showing up to create. Exploring the fragments, sparks and ideas in your mind that excite you, that hold most meaning and enjoyment – the ones that light you up.

You don’t have to create every day, but it does have to be often, and with passion.

2. Share.

Creating in itself is fantastic. You’ve shown up and created, and from that alone, energy bubbles and builds within you. But you need to share that. By showing others what you’ve created, it inspires and enables them in not one but two key ways.

First, the work itself. People see your art and it moves them like nothing else quite has. Their life will literally never be the same again, in a small, yet significant way. This can only happen once you get your work out there, once you share.

Second, by the mere act of showing up and creating what matters to you, you enable other artists to give themselves permission to do the same. Then they enter the first stage of becoming an Enablist themselves. (You see how the energy and creativity is expanding?)

3. Encourage.

By sharing your work you’re already encouraging others. But there are additional ways you can, and must, do this too.

And they’re all variations on the idea of joining a group and encouraging its members to be as creative as they can be.

The group can be made of up two people, twenty two people, or twenty two thousand people. What matters is the direct connections you make with the artists (and potential fellow Enablists) in those communities, and how your support and encouragement helps them create more of their important work.

So, now you know how to become an Enablist.

Or how to focus and amplify it, if you’ve realised you already are one.

Next, the creative, collective change.

Recently I wrote about how energy is everything and everything is energy.

By being an active Enablist – by creating, sharing and encouraging – you’re generating energy left, right and centre.

You’re like a super efficient and completely eco friendly little power unit.

Or, put another way, each time you create, share or encourage, you become the epicentre of a minor (or maybe major) earthquake of creativity and energy that sends tremors to all in the near vicinity.

Those people then take up that energy and multiply it further as they create, share, and encourage.

Together we become conduits for change – powerful, creative, positive change.

Change that makes a tangible, meaningful difference in the lives of people who have maybe never needed it more.

So now you’ve read the Enablist Ethos.

We need you on board. We need you step up and join us.

Are you with us? Are you ready to become an Enablist?

Let me know either privately or publicly.


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