Three Super Simple Words To Boost Your Focus, Gratitude And Happiness

photography by dan james
photography by dan james

Over the years I’ve read and experimented with many coaching tools and exercises.

The ones that work best, are the simplest and most memorable, and don’t require a hefty instruction manual to carry out.

This is one of those.

It’s so simple, all you need to remember is three words, conveniently all beginning with the same letter –

What’s. Working. Well.

Put them together – What’s working well?

Ask this question, then write down all that comes to you.

That’s it.

Don’t limit it just to your art making, anything that’s working well in your life as a whole can go on the list, however large or small.

Once you do this (and repeating it maybe once a week is even better), you instantly see the good stuff, the reasons life has meaning.

Which of course encourages you to focus on doing more of the same kind of stuff.

I’m not going to say anymore, because there’s nothing more to say.

Just try it.

Just ask –

What’s working well?

Then come over and share your list with us


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