The New Normal

photography by dan james
photography by dan james

Sometimes, events in our lives change our course dramatically and unexpectedly.

Tragedy, illness and death force us to try to readjust and continue.

Somehow, day by day, pieces fall in place, and we find a new normal.

But it needn’t be something sad or unpredicted that prompts this change.

Any day of our lives we can take a small positive step towards a better, brighter path.

Forming a new habit – or replacing an old one with something more beneficial – can be just what’s needed to inspire that new normal.

What will your next new normal look like?


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1 thought on “The New Normal”

  1. […] This meant I could leave my shy and awkward English inhibitions at the door and happily embrace two dozen people a night without thinking twice about what they might think, or being concerned about what my girlfriend might say. In a salsa class – especially as a teacher – there’s rarely a time where you’re not in close contact with at least one other person. It defines a new normal. […]


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