Cloudwatching, Eyelids Closed

While you sleep, above you the clouds keep drifting by, even though you can't see them. When you wake, you can't rewind the sky and see all the cloud activity that's passed whilst you slept. So instead, you just look up and enjoy how the cloud forms are right now. Maybe we can adopt a… Continue reading Cloudwatching, Eyelids Closed


Is Attention Addiction Suffocating Your Creativity?

As artists, sharing our work is a crucial part of our lives. I've spoken recently of the Enablist ethos of Create, Share and Encourage, and sharing is fundamental to that. When we share our work, we inspire others by the beauty and impact of the work itself, as well as how we're leading by example… Continue reading Is Attention Addiction Suffocating Your Creativity?

Travelling At The Speed Of Change

It's four years since A Big Creative Yes began. The writing now is not vastly different from then. Yet other aspects of my life are radically different. Where I live, my family, my main artform, and the number of possessions I have, to name a few. Change is inevitable. Some things changes fast - you… Continue reading Travelling At The Speed Of Change


Wherever You Start, Start Somewhere

"If I had more time, of course I'd be more creative Dan... Well, once I got around to actually choosing a project to begin with - I have so many ideas. Maybe that's the real issue that's blocking me? But then when I do pick something, it takes me ages to finish it - if… Continue reading Wherever You Start, Start Somewhere


Finding Focus Amidst The Endless Allure Of the New

The chances are that if you're an artist, you're also someone who is very aware of their senses, and the various ways these are stimulated. You notice beauty where others don't, and quite possibly experience it more vividly and deeply than others too. Which is all wonderful source material for stimulating new artwork. There is… Continue reading Finding Focus Amidst The Endless Allure Of the New


Why The Best Part Of Making Plans Is Breaking Plans

For this month I made a plan for my photographic adventures. In short, I would use just one camera, shoot only black and white photographs, and mostly in the streets. Over halfway through the month, I haven't taken a single b/w street photograph... But I have invested in two new camera bodies, and shot colour… Continue reading Why The Best Part Of Making Plans Is Breaking Plans


Learning How To Create More By Creating Less

Which artist doesn't want to create their best work, and for that work to continually evolve and become even better? Logic suggests that to do this we need to create as much as possible. But what if the opposite were true? What if by choosing to create far less, we create far more? A recent… Continue reading Learning How To Create More By Creating Less