How To Create Amazing Somethings From Virtually Nothing

A common belief amongst artists is that we don't create enough. Combine this with another often closely held belief that, unless we can dedicate hours or days at a time to creating, we'll not be able to make any worthwhile art, and we have a recipe for a miserable and frustrated artist. Fortunately, both of… Continue reading How To Create Amazing Somethings From Virtually Nothing

Daily Dips And Extended Immersions

As you probably know, I've long been an advocate of creating little and often. Building daily creativity habits by beginning with just a few minutes at a time, can evolve into an incredibly powerful approach. Write just 200 words a day, and in a year you'd have a novel. Shoot a single photograph a day,… Continue reading Daily Dips And Extended Immersions

What If Creating Every Day Is Not The Only Way

In conversation with a fellow artist the other day, they were expressing some concern and confusion about the popular idea and advice of creating every day. The way their life currently was, they didn't feel that creating every day was feasible, or the best option. But because they had read of so many other artists… Continue reading What If Creating Every Day Is Not The Only Way

Creative Exposure

If you were a camera... A photograph at an aperture of f/11 and shutter speed of 1/125s would be exposed the same as one at f/8 and 1/250s. More simply, halve the light through the lens, and you need to double the time it's allowed to pour through. But you're not a camera... Creating 20… Continue reading Creative Exposure

902 Days Of Yoga And Finding Freedom In Fallibility

Back in the late summer of 2010 I started learning yoga. A couple of months later, on October 1st, I decided to try to make yoga a daily practice for 1000 days. Along the way at various landmarks, I've written a few posts about what it's taught me about being more creative, more disciplined and… Continue reading 902 Days Of Yoga And Finding Freedom In Fallibility