How To Create Amazing Somethings From Virtually Nothing

A common belief amongst artists is that we don't create enough. Combine this with another often closely held belief that, unless we can dedicate hours or days at a time to creating, we'll not be able to make any worthwhile art, and we have a recipe for a miserable and frustrated artist. Fortunately, both of… Continue reading How To Create Amazing Somethings From Virtually Nothing

When Complexity Kills Creativity

When we come to create, we want to ensure that the tools and equipment we choose for the project in hand are up to the task. You wouldn't want to paint the exterior of a house with a miniature model paintbrush, for example. Likewise the opposite would be equally useless - trying to paint lines… Continue reading When Complexity Kills Creativity

Finding Meditation In Motion

Sometimes we come across a practice that sounds exactly what we need. Meditation might be such an example. Increased calmness? Yes please. Space and time to relax without any obligations? Great, sign me up. Deeper breathing, reduced stress and other health benefits? I'm sold, let's begin! But when we try to follow the instructions, it… Continue reading Finding Meditation In Motion

Finding Focus Amidst The Endless Allure Of the New

The chances are that if you're an artist, you're also someone who is very aware of their senses, and the various ways these are stimulated. You notice beauty where others don't, and quite possibly experience it more vividly and deeply than others too. Which is all wonderful source material for stimulating new artwork. There is… Continue reading Finding Focus Amidst The Endless Allure Of the New

Creative Exposure

If you were a camera... A photograph at an aperture of f/11 and shutter speed of 1/125s would be exposed the same as one at f/8 and 1/250s. More simply, halve the light through the lens, and you need to double the time it's allowed to pour through. But you're not a camera... Creating 20… Continue reading Creative Exposure

Cast Out Every Map And Clutch A Compass To Your Heart

In a recent conversation in our tribe, I was asked if I had any plan or pattern to how I photograph, such as which camera and film combination to use when and where. My first response was that I have no plan whatsoever. I don't have a carefully pre-plotted timetable of the next 12 months,… Continue reading Cast Out Every Map And Clutch A Compass To Your Heart