Embracing The Experiments

As creative beings, everything we do involves changing what already exists. Nothing stays the same, and every moment is an experiment. Embrace these experiments. If we gather up the same tools, materials, thoughts and surroundings as we did a month ago, six months ago, a year ago, and sit down to make again, it will… Continue reading Embracing The Experiments

Escaping Back Home – 3 Steps To Finding Your True Creative Calling

Talking to other artists, I've often heard the experience of creating your most important work being described as "coming home". These are the experiences where the media and projects you're immersed just feel right, and the very best focus of your creative talents and energies at that moment in time. Lost in this work, we… Continue reading Escaping Back Home – 3 Steps To Finding Your True Creative Calling

The Glorious Gifts Of Simply Showing Up

A recent photography experiment with a fellow photographer reminded me of the many benefits of deciding on a project, then showing up to see it through. Though it didn't turn out how we thought it would, and in some ways it was disappointing, in other ways it gave us invaluable learning and experience, and some… Continue reading The Glorious Gifts Of Simply Showing Up

Creative Exposure

If you were a camera... A photograph at an aperture of f/11 and shutter speed of 1/125s would be exposed the same as one at f/8 and 1/250s. More simply, halve the light through the lens, and you need to double the time it's allowed to pour through. But you're not a camera... Creating 20… Continue reading Creative Exposure