How To Become Happier

Everyone wants to be happy. But it can be difficult to even define what happy is. So we end up wondering how we can possibly find our way to a place we have no idea of the location of. Much easier to define is happier, relative to what you already know. You can compare two… Continue reading How To Become Happier

Accumulate Or Create (Or, Saying Bye-Bye to The Buy-Buy-Buy)

Though you could argue that all creation begins in the imagination, virtually all artists need some kind of equipment and media to bring these ideas to life. We need a way to give our creativity a tangible form that others can experience and engage with. The amount and variety of equipment and materials we need does… Continue reading Accumulate Or Create (Or, Saying Bye-Bye to The Buy-Buy-Buy)

Unstoppable Creative Habits – When To Fix Them, When To Mix Them

Regular creative habits can be the core of an abundant and rewarding creative life. However, many of us don't get to appreciate their power and convenience, because we see the word "habit" and think "Oh I couldn't possibly do the same thing day in, day out, I'm an artist, I need variety and spontaneity!" With… Continue reading Unstoppable Creative Habits – When To Fix Them, When To Mix Them

Daily Dips And Extended Immersions

As you probably know, I've long been an advocate of creating little and often. Building daily creativity habits by beginning with just a few minutes at a time, can evolve into an incredibly powerful approach. Write just 200 words a day, and in a year you'd have a novel. Shoot a single photograph a day,… Continue reading Daily Dips And Extended Immersions

Balancing The Pendulum – (Or, What To Do When Pursuit Of Product Kills The Pleasure Of Process)

With every creative project we embark upon, there's an element of process - how we create - and an element of product - what we end up with. Too often, the pursuit of a perfect end product can hamper, and even destroy entirely, the pleasure we gain from the creative process. By raising our awareness… Continue reading Balancing The Pendulum – (Or, What To Do When Pursuit Of Product Kills The Pleasure Of Process)

Finding Meditation In Motion

Sometimes we come across a practice that sounds exactly what we need. Meditation might be such an example. Increased calmness? Yes please. Space and time to relax without any obligations? Great, sign me up. Deeper breathing, reduced stress and other health benefits? I'm sold, let's begin! But when we try to follow the instructions, it… Continue reading Finding Meditation In Motion