The New Normal

Sometimes, events in our lives change our course dramatically and unexpectedly. Tragedy, illness and death force us to try to readjust and continue. Somehow, day by day, pieces fall in place, and we find a new normal. But it needn't be something sad or unpredicted that prompts this change. Any day of our lives we… Continue reading The New Normal

Embracing The Experiments

As creative beings, everything we do involves changing what already exists. Nothing stays the same, and every moment is an experiment. Embrace these experiments. If we gather up the same tools, materials, thoughts and surroundings as we did a month ago, six months ago, a year ago, and sit down to make again, it will… Continue reading Embracing The Experiments

The Simple Secret To Finding More Time To Make Art

"If only I had more time, I'd be far more creative" is a comment I hear over and over again as a Creativity Coach. So how do we find that elusive art time, once everything else is taken care of? The secret is simple - What we prioritise, gets done. The rest falls by the… Continue reading The Simple Secret To Finding More Time To Make Art

The One Percent Worthwhile

Naturally, we all want to create our best work, as often as possible. But with such expectations, when we inevitably don't create brilliant work every time, it usually leads to frustration, disappointment and disillusionment. Which means we create less and therefore reduce the likelihood further that we will regularly create great work. What if adjusted these… Continue reading The One Percent Worthwhile

Escaping Back Home – 3 Steps To Finding Your True Creative Calling

Talking to other artists, I've often heard the experience of creating your most important work being described as "coming home". These are the experiences where the media and projects you're immersed just feel right, and the very best focus of your creative talents and energies at that moment in time. Lost in this work, we… Continue reading Escaping Back Home – 3 Steps To Finding Your True Creative Calling