How To Create Amazing Somethings From Virtually Nothing

A common belief amongst artists is that we don't create enough. Combine this with another often closely held belief that, unless we can dedicate hours or days at a time to creating, we'll not be able to make any worthwhile art, and we have a recipe for a miserable and frustrated artist. Fortunately, both of… Continue reading How To Create Amazing Somethings From Virtually Nothing

6 Seductive Ways Consumption Is Killing Your Creativity

In these days of information saturation, we're relentlessly bombarded by invitations to consume new goods. The underlying message is always the same - "Buy me, buy me NOW, or your life will be miserable and endlessly unfulfilling and your family and friends will all disown you!" These temptations can be difficult to resist, and very… Continue reading 6 Seductive Ways Consumption Is Killing Your Creativity

Wherever You Start, Start Somewhere

"If I had more time, of course I'd be more creative Dan... Well, once I got around to actually choosing a project to begin with - I have so many ideas. Maybe that's the real issue that's blocking me? But then when I do pick something, it takes me ages to finish it - if… Continue reading Wherever You Start, Start Somewhere