Gathering Treasures On The Shoreline

As artists we're always keen to find new ideas that feel special, original, and that fill us with inspiration to take up our tools and create furiously. More often than not these kind of ideas are found on the shoreline of our consciousness. Let me explain - Imagine your conscious waking mind as the land.… Continue reading Gathering Treasures On The Shoreline


Perfectionism, Disappointment, And Learning Your Unique Creative Language

Have you ever felt disappointed with your ability to create? Frustrated because the ideas and visions you have for a new project in your head, seem impossible to bring to physical form with any degree of accuracy? When this happens (and it is a case of when this happens, not if) there are two elements… Continue reading Perfectionism, Disappointment, And Learning Your Unique Creative Language

Long Silent Runways

When we begin visibly working on a new idea - when ink meets paper, fingers meet keys, brush meets canvas - it's not necessarily the first moment the idea and us have ever met. There might well have been days, weeks or months of background simmering and moodling, where tiny fragments have been slowly fusing… Continue reading Long Silent Runways


Feathers Falling

Imagine you're a feather collector, standing in a vast empty field. Feathers fill the air, falling gently down, and you're trying frantically to grasp and possess every last one as quickly as possible. You'd become not only exhausted and overwhelmed at which to chase and snatch at first, it's likely you'd damage the feathers as… Continue reading Feathers Falling


Lost To The Invisible Hungry Void

Sometimes we think we're typing on a page and look up to find we weren't in the right window, so the words pouring out of our fingers failed to appear anywhere. They become forever lost to some invisible, hungry void. How often is your creative mind pouring out new ideas, but because you're not capturing… Continue reading Lost To The Invisible Hungry Void


How To Find The Art Within That Cannot Be Ignored

Or, The Beauty Of A Blank Slate. Imagine if you started all over again with your art, and your creative career. Imagine you destroyed everything you'd ever created, your entire body of work, every last shred of your creative legacy so there was absolutely nothing left. Would that be utterly terrifying or incredibly liberating? There's… Continue reading How To Find The Art Within That Cannot Be Ignored


How To Let Your Beautiful Creative Garden Grow (And Enjoy Every Moment)

Anyone who has grown anything, from home produce on an allotment or in your back yard, to a few herbs or houseplants on a windowsill, to your own nails and hair, knows that natural things don't grow instantly. You don't plant a seed today and reap a bountiful harvest tomorrow. Part of the enjoyment of… Continue reading How To Let Your Beautiful Creative Garden Grow (And Enjoy Every Moment)