Gathering Treasures On The Shoreline

As artists we're always keen to find new ideas that feel special, original, and that fill us with inspiration to take up our tools and create furiously. More often than not these kind of ideas are found on the shoreline of our consciousness. Let me explain - Imagine your conscious waking mind as the land.… Continue reading Gathering Treasures On The Shoreline


Ten Thousand Jars Of Sawdust

What are you gathering, as you move through each day? A story of two boys, and what they gathered... From a very young age, Matthew was given an empty jar each day by his parents, to fill as he saw fit. His twin brother, Michael, was given the same. Each evening, before bed, the boys… Continue reading Ten Thousand Jars Of Sawdust

How To Become An Enablist – A New Ethos For Creative Collective Change

You and I have as much creative potential within us as anyone. Whether, and how, we use it, is up to us. When we do choose to use it, we can achieve incredible things. Collectively, we can change the world for the better. And there's never been a greater need. An excellent way to begin… Continue reading How To Become An Enablist – A New Ethos For Creative Collective Change

The Invincible Invisible

Our motivation to create does not always appear with fanfares and fireworks, blazing like the last party on earth... In fact, the most powerful and consistent motivation is close to being both invincible and invisible. You just quietly and determinedly show up and create what you need to create. Like breathing and sleeping - two… Continue reading The Invincible Invisible

Why The Best Part Of Making Plans Is Breaking Plans

For this month I made a plan for my photographic adventures. In short, I would use just one camera, shoot only black and white photographs, and mostly in the streets. Over halfway through the month, I haven't taken a single b/w street photograph... But I have invested in two new camera bodies, and shot colour… Continue reading Why The Best Part Of Making Plans Is Breaking Plans