DanCreativity Coaching provides the focused one-to-one support you need, to become the artist you know you can be.

It can take you from all the ifs and almosts and endless frustrations, to actually getting down to creating the work that excites you, energises you and matters to you most.

Trying to motivate yourself alone is easy to bail out on and come back and create “when you have more time”. Which never seems to arrive.

Having the individual attention of coaching, provides you not only with my years of experience, guidance and encouragement, but also the powerful element of regular accountability.

Working together, I’ll provide a consistent input, a series of gentle but firm nudges, and ultimately help you learn how to provide this for yourself.

Techniques and habits you learn in the short to medium term in our coaching relationship, can be the fundamental elements of a healthy creative life, for the rest of your life.

As artists and coaching clients such as Don and Lori have found –

“Dan, thanks so much for your help.


 I really like your format of six weeks of coaching, with 2 sessions per week. The six weeks gives me an intense period of focus, then the break allows me time to move forward and get a lot of work done.


The most valuable aspect was how it helped me with things I didn’t see. The basis for this is your questioning, as opposed to showing me what to do.


Your questions led me to really think about my creative practice and learn a lot “on my own” before you made suggestions that fit where I was going. I’m amazed how much progress I made. Thanks so much for your help.


 We’ll have to do this again sometime!”


– Don


“I was looking for a coach to keep me on track and provide me with the support and encouragement I needed to get a big project completed. I was all too aware that I simply wasn’t getting the work done on my own.


I’m happy I found Dan and hired him for the job! I could email him whenever I needed and he in turn gave me detailed and thoughtful feedback twice a week that kept me going. Having to report to Dan about my progress pushed me to get my work done each step of the way.


In addition to the support, he surprised me with insightful questions about the project that gave me a much needed and fresh perspective. As a result the final product, an ebook, turned out much better than I had initially conceived. 


Thanks Dan!” 


– Lori

I offer coaching in the following format:

  • Coaching is by email, booked in six week blocks. I send two emails per week, a total of twelve sessions.
  • In between my twelve emails, you are free to email me as often as you wish, day or night. I’ll gather your messages and respond in my next session.
  • Payment is $30 weekly (i.e. $15 per session) via Paypal subscription. Enter your details once at the start and payments come out automatically each week. No need to pay the whole six block fee up front.

The next step

If you’re interested in overcoming some of the creative blocks that have held you back for longer than you remember, or in making significant progress on a specific creative project that you haven’t quite been able to manage alone, then coaching can help.

The next step is to drop me a quick message using the form below, and we can begin the conversation.

I look forward to helping you become more creative. Let’s begin.


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