How To Get Focused

When Did You Last Focus On And Finish
Just One Creative Idea,
Without Being Sidetracked By A Dozen Others?


Dan JamesI’m Dan James, Creativity Coach and Enablist, and I’ve been helping artists become more creative since 2005.

Over those years, I’ve noticed themes and patterns that arise in the artists I meet and converse with on a daily basis.

Although you might feel like you’re the only person in the world who’s struggling to create because of a certain issue, the fact is you’re far from alone.

There’s not an artist alive (or dead!) that hasn’t struggled with some of the most common issues that you and I struggle with too.


In recent times, the single struggle that I’ve come across over and over again – and more than any other – concerns creative ideas.


Many people have difficulty coming up with enough good creative ideas.

But this fades to a tiny proportion of us compared with a much more significant and creatively debilitating issue:


How to choose one idea, focus, and just create.


It’s this dilemma, that on the surface seems like something we should be able to do with little thought or worry, that causes us endless anguish and leads us to question our entire existence and validity as a creative artist.

When we have SO many ideas – and when they’re constantly coming at us at breakneck speed through our highly active creative minds – how do we even begin to pick the “right” idea or the “best” idea to develop?


Then even if we do get started on one idea, we feel as if we’re still relentlessly bombarded with alternative options and distractions.


We struggle to get focused enough on just that one project, constantly questioning whether we’ve made the best choice, our attention continually drawn to other shiny and alluring new ideas.


So we don’t finish the projects we start, and over time this leads us to feeling like a miserable failure, hopeless, a quitter.


Before too long we find we’re not even bothering to begin any new creative projects, or developing any new creative ideas, because we’re already overwhelmed by the vast historical archive of evidence – physically and mentally – that tells us we don’t have what it takes to follow our ideas through to completion.

So in the worst case scenario, we switch off that steady flow of new ideas, and virtually resign as active artists, going about our day to day business with that desperate sense of emptiness and lack of fulfilment that only creating can satiate.

It’s not a happy or healthy state to be in. As I’m sure you can attest.


What this all comes down to though is a single word:




For whatever reasons (and there are many in these hyperconnected overloaded days we live in ), we don’t create the art we’re capable of – the art that really matters – because we’re unable to get focused on any one project for long enough.


Which is why I needed to write this book. For you, for myself, and for artists just like us.


How To Get Focused

By reading and using How To Get Focused And Create What Matters, the way you create will change, greatly for the better.

The, um, focus, of the book, is getting focused.


Not just getting focused on any old creative project, the first one that comes to you, or one chosen at random, but the art that truly matters to you.


The work that’s smouldering inside you desperate to be brought into the world, not only for your own personal fulfilment and growth, but to inspire others around you, as well as an entire audience you might not even have met yet.


How To Get Focused And Create What Matters has been specifically written in a way that builds around seven vital truths.


They’re called The Seven Great Pillars Of Truth about developing your creative ideas, and once you understand them, you’ll see the whole process of creating, and your whole creative life, very differently.


You’ll be empowered to finally get focused and create what matters.


If you’ve been struggling for weeks/ months/ years (delete as applicable!) with getting focused on and developing the best of your abundance of creative ideas, and are sick and tired of drowning in “Works In Progress” without every finishing anything, then I know this book can help.


Because I want you to read, digest and use the book to transform the way you create for the better, I’ve made the price irresistible.


In fact, it’s unmissable – because you choose exactly how much you wish to pay.

Yep, it’s completely up to you.

Once you’ve read the book, and applied what you learn, the value is immeasurable.


How do you put a value on being able to create with focus, freedom and happiness you’ve not experienced in years, if ever?


So my recommended price is somewhat plucked from the air – $15, the price of a few coffees or lunch at a decent cafe.

As I said though, what you choose to pay is entirely up to you – the recommended price, more, or less.


The most important thing for me is exactly the same as the most important thing for you – that you get hold of this book as soon as possible and start reaping the benefits.


How To Get Focused

To purchase How To Get Focused And Create What Matters,

at your chosen price, click here


Once you’ve clicked on the above, this is what will happen, in three simple steps –

  1. Payment.

    On the PayPal page, first enter the price you’d like to pay for the book. Then either log in to pay with your PayPal account or choose to pay by card. When payment is complete, click on the button to “Return to coordinator” to download your book.

  2. Download.

    On the download page, simply click the link where it says to download your copy of the book.

  3. Email updates. 

    Lastly, in your email inbox, you’ll get a message asking to confirm to join the updates list for the book. Click the link to confirm, so you’ll receive future news and updates.


Oh, and if you wanted to see how the book has helped other artists like us, here’s some of the feedback I’ve had –


“Dan, your book has saved my sanity.

I bought it yesterday and read it immediately. You address the very problem I’m suffering – of suddenly having too many ideas dancing in my mind, all shouting “pick me, pick me,” when I’m supposed to be focussing on my current work in progress – the romantic suspense novel I’ve been trying to write for four years…

I love your writing style. Your wisdom speaks to my creative soul – that part that makes even light fiction resonate with deep universal truths and that when it’s on fire I feel like I’m just a channel for some energy that even I can’t mess up!

…I just had to let you know how your book has helped me. Thanks for being the creative catalyst for my new passion for writing – for life in general, in fact. This sounds gushy, but it is simply and profoundly the truth.”

– Viv Adams, New Zealand


“Dan knows that we creative types all have similar struggles.

This book will help you with your creative process by reminding you that ideas are endless, but you don’t have to develop every single one that you have. Just getting that permission to let an idea go is very freeing.

If you need assistance narrowing down your idea field, creating new ideas, or finishing what you start, this book is for you!”

– Courtney Carver,


“Dan, loved the ebook. I think the 7 Truths will be a great help to people who are trying to reactivate their creativity. You’ve created an excellent work on creativity and how to harness it. Fabulous job!”

– Lin, USA


“I read this book in a couple of hours, then I went and cleared my kitchen table, strewn with materials for several projects. I sat down and finished one small project and it came out well and I was pleased with it. I stopped feeling anxious and panicky and disgusted with myself.”

Afterwards I thought how the points you made were actually pretty simple. Then I thought how these blindingly obvious truths had never actually occurred to me before, and how most of the self-help books I have previously read could perhaps have benefited from being boiled down to a similarly spare and manageable format.

In short, I found the book very effective and I think my money was well spent. Many thanks for writing it.”

– Mary, UK


“I thought I knew everything about what I needed to do and YOU have so surprised me! This book is helping me already and I’m not even half way through. This is truly a word in due season for me! Thank You So Much Dan!”

– Malinda, USA


“I very much enjoyed your book and loved your use of metaphor. You chose wonderful examples to illustrate your points and it really helped drive them home.

After reading the book, I have images in my head to return to when I’m scattered and unfocused. Connecting the concepts to stories and images is very effective to help your reader retain the ideas.

Your Seven Pillars of Truth are dead on. You’ve really distilled the creative process down to some basic, universal concepts. I’m planning on posting them on the wall as a reminder for myself and my coaching clients.”

– Sue Mitchell, UK


“I think your book is great, and enjoyed curling up with it today… The ideas and suggestions you offer are really well thought out and not overwhelming… The action steps are obvious… It felt easy to read.”

– Mary, USA


“Dan, thanks for the preview of your ebook, its great! I really like your use of analogies throughout, it really makes the ideas stick and makes the content feel very uniquely yours.”

– Cherry, Spain


“I think it’s a great piece of writing, especially your creative use of metaphor. I also like the personification of ideas – that they are alive. And I love, love, love the crazy hotel owner mataphor.”

– Anne, USA


How To Get Focused

To purchase How To Get Focused And Create What Matters,

at your chosen price, click here


Thanks for being here, and I know you’re going to enjoy the book.


Dan James
Enablist and Creativity Coach

PS/ Yes, you choose how much you wish to pay for the book. Go and get it!


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