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So, what’s A Big Creative Yes all about?


Hi, I’m Dan James, and I help people become as creative as they’ve always known they can be.

Since 2005 I’ve worked as a Creativity Coach, helping artists realise that creating is as essential to their lives and happiness as breathing, eating, and sleeping, and enabling them to give their artwork the time, attention and focus it deserves.


My personal mission:

To help people become as abundantly creative as they’ve always known they can be, to inspire and energise their own lives to new levels, and the lives and creativity of those around them.

A Big Creative Yes is the natural hub for all this creativity stuff. It’s where I gather together and share all the different ways I can help you become more creative. The centre of the storm, the beating heart, the nucleus.

A Big Creative Yes is also where I often think out loud about my own creative life, what I experiment with, what I find works and what doesn’t work for me personally.

I don’t claim to have all the answers.

But I believe that YOU do have the answers that are uniquely right for you, in a place deep inside yourself, beneath all the chaos and the clutter, and the shoulds and shouting.

It’s the same source that has always known the answers that are right for you. You just forgot for a while.

I can help you remember.

So, if you’re game, let’s start shouting out A Big Creative Yes (or ten!) to the flourishing of your own creative life…

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I’m glad you’re here. Now let’s go be more creative…


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